Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Deal Is Done
An agreement has been reached. The official site for anything pertaining to real live dwelling in the Drury Inn will be here:

The Drury Inn Guru

Nice doing business with you Jscott...

I am now off on other ventures. Ask me if you want to know where. I might tell. I might not. Get over it.

Friday, February 28, 2003

Back to Business

My thoughts so far have been to exploit the hole that Jscott left by not utilizing the Elite Blogger as his base for the Drury Inn tooling business. It is my belief, with the uniting of google and blogger that a quick turn of profit is attainable. My estimation is 90 days. I do not believe a proxy battle is possible (since the company is not public and I own a small non-voting portion).

For a perspectus call my home office. If you do not have that number you are not elgible. DO NOT email me requesting information about our group or our locations. We are closed to new investors at this time.

--the raider
What a baby this jack ass is. Jscott does your daddy still tuck you in at night? Screw your idealists plans for The Drury Inn. As if you dont pull the sarcastic verbage out of your ass everytime you write. Lame you are. How utterly lame. Marek was right. Get a grip dude. Drop the walls. Grow some balls and have some fun. I am about to with you.
A possible merger and proxy battle is being entertained. Details in hours...
Dear Future consumer and user of our great services,

The Real Real home of all things Drury. The offical site containing all consulting and guru information concerning the Drury Inn.
Don't be FOOLED.


Press Release here: